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Every year, nearly 1.5 million Americans get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other illicit substances. Besides being dangerous, a DUI arrest can get you into some serious legal trouble as well. However, most individuals that get arrested do not know how to proceed with their DUI defense. If you or someone you know, has been charged with a DUI, then make sure you consult with a DUI attorney at Covert Marrero Covert LLP immediately.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest?

In Illinois, if you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence you can be charged criminally as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstance. After the arrest, you can leave the police station on your personal recognizance or pay a bond. If your case is a felony you will likely have to spend the evening in jail until you can see a judge for a bond hearing. If a bond hearing is necessary in your case the judge will decide the amount of bail you will need to pay in order to get out. This is based on mitigation and aggravation in your case.

Your license will be suspended automatically after 46 days of your arrest. The length of the suspension can be 6 or 12 months depending on whether you blew into the breathalyzer apparatus.

You will be entitled to a hearing regarding the suspension, but you must file a petition regarding this immediately. Hiring a DUI defense lawyer can help you out here as they can fight against your suspension.

What are the Penalties for a DUI Charge in Illinois?

Residents of Illinois can be subjected to several penalties if faced with a DUI charge. If one cannot contest the case via a trial or hearing a negotiated plea might be needed and can involve several conditions. Minimum requirements for a DUI plea can include:

  • Drug and alcohol evaluation
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Community service
  • Victim Impact Panel Class
  • Fines and Costs
  • Possible jail time

Depending on the severity of the case other conditions can be required by law or imposed by the judge or prosecutor like SCRAM, which is an ankle bracelet that detects alcohol consumption. For first-time offenders, our number one goal is obtaining supervision for you and minimizing the conditions you are required to complete. It is imperative you obtain supervision upon a plea to avoid a conviction on your criminal record. A criminal conviction can negatively impact your life in several ways like inhibiting you from obtaining housing, employment, and other opportunities. A DUI conviction can revoke your driving privileges for at least a year. This can go up to 2 years if the driver is younger than 21. Not to mention after the year revocation you still need a formal hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State. This complicated Secretary of State process is arduous and very costly.

Consult Legal Counsel from Covert Marrero Covert LLP DUI Attorneys

Penalties become more severe according to the number of DUI arrests. Even if it is your first offense, a DUI charge is not something that should be taken lightly, and getting swift legal assistance is the key to making the best of a bad situation. This is where we come in. Our DUI defense attorneys have provided legal counsel to many individuals charged with DUI over the years. You can schedule an appointment and we can go over the details of your charges. We can also assist you in filing a petition against your license suspension.

Our ultimate aim is to make sure that our clients get a reduced penalty in a DUI case. We can also help you secure a permit that will allow you to drive under specific circumstances. Covert Marrero Covert LLP is a firm that you can expect aggressive and personal representation, we pride ourselves in giving our clients complete attention. We have offices in Naperville, Schaumburg, and Warrenville where you can visit us. Contact us today at 630-717-2783 to schedule a free initial consultation for your DUI charge.

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