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How Have Rising Real Estate Prices Affected Short Sales in Illinois?

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Real estate market prices will continue to increase throughout the year, and sales are forecasted to decrease. In February, for instance, the median price in Illinois rose, but homes in the state still sold rapidly despite a sparse inventory.

At this time, the increase in real estate prices slowed, but the industry remained competitive. A short sale during this time may yield the same results that it would in a stable economy, but expect a faster sale. Experienced Illinois short sale attorneys can help you set up a short sale quickly and efficiently.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a transaction in which a homeowner or borrower agrees to accept less than the mortgage amount they owe to a lender. Some lenders can forgive the difference, but if yours doesn’t, ensuring you get a reasonable price for your short-sale property is essential.

It is still preferable to foreclosure, especially if you are behind on your mortgage payments – you may be able to qualify for another mortgage once you can apply for one again. With the real estate market remaining competitive and rising property prices, a short sale can be a blessing in disguise for you.

If you could not make regular payments because you lost your source of income during the pandemic, a short sale can yield better results when real estate inventory is low and property prices are high. Your price for a short-sale property lies comfortably in the middle. It is neither too expensive for buyers nor too cheap for sellers (you).

Inflation and Short Sales

The housing market was already experiencing short supplies and high demands before the pandemic, and its arrival aggravated it further. Many renters found searching for affordable housing rugged, while homeowners looked for opportunities to sell high and increase space. As the demand increased, homeowners preferred to remain in their homes rather than sell them, which limited the number of sellable properties.

Prices are expected to increase throughout the year, and the number of sales may decrease. In February 2022, homes sold rapidly due to low inventory and high demand. During this time, the median price rose by 6.4% compared to last year.

For home sellers, especially those that place their property on a short sale, inflation is a good development. The value of your home rises as the property of goods rises. With demand high and supply low, investors and renters look towards short sales to get properties below market price even if it is higher than standard short sale rates. With experienced Illinois short-sale attorneys in your corner, you may be able to get a better price.

In this market, investors who invest in property as a leveraged asset have little choice but to pay the same fixed rate even if property values rise.

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