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What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Short Sale In Illinois?

short sale

If you are in the market for a new home, but money is tight, consider a short-sale property. These properties are sold for less than market value and less than the amount owed on their mortgage. Banks and lenders agree to short sales to recover some of the loans owed to them.

Top Benefits of Buying a Short Sale in Illinois

Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy with a short sale:

Get A Home Below Market Price

Short sales can give you more value for your money, and you will also have some leftovers. These are never offered at market value so that you can get them at a great discount. Your Illinois short sale attorney can determine the true value of the property and help you reach an agreement that covers legal costs and repairs.

Get an Empty Unit

If the property has a tenant, your Illinois short sale attorney can ensure the ownership transfer is transparent and legal before the short sale. This includes making sure the tenant is out of the house at closing. The worst thing you can do is rent it back to the previous owner.

They already have bad credit. After getting a short sale, you can work with your realtor to develop a marketing plan for your new empty unit before you put it up for rent. Bring it up to standards first. You will have sufficient money left over to do that and more to make the property attractive to tenants.

Cooperative Home Owners

Homeowners whose property is in foreclosure are not as cooperative as those who put theirs up for short sales. In some cases, buyers may have to force the former to evict the premises, and the previous owner may also damage the property before they leave.

In comparison, most sellers are eager to complete a short sale if it means they won’t have to pay the outstanding mortgage. Short sales don’t hurt their credit as much as a foreclosure can. They can buy a new property later easily. This amicable relationship between you and the seller can speed up the short sale process so you can move into or use the property as soon as possible.

Contact Covert Marrero Covert for a Legal Consultation

If you are looking for a dedicated and passionate Illinois short sale attorney, look no further than Covert Marrero Covert LLP. Our lawyers have extensive experience helping clients buy properties on a short sale and sellers who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best deal. This includes a perusal of the paperwork for errors that can otherwise lead to costly mistakes. This includes legal liabilities you may not be able to handle later.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation today. We are not afraid to go to court if it means you get the best deal and are treated fairly during the short sale process. Remember, the selling agent will also be working with the bank. They may try to short-change you if they think they can get away with it. Our Illinois short sale attorneys can prevent that from happening and take legal action if necessary.

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