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What to Do When You Have a DUI Charge

DUI Attorney

Like all states in the U.S., Illinois has strict Driving under the Influence or DUI laws. Illinois has an Implied Consent Law, where drivers agree to abide by the rules and regulations under the law as a condition to be allowed and licensed to drive.

In Illinois, any individual who has physical control of any vehicle has implicitly given consent to provide a blood, urine and breath sample to a police officer to test for DUI. Furthermore, the state of Illinois has a Zero Tolerance Policy for underage minors suspected of DUI.

How to Deal with Your DUI Charge?

When you find yourself in hot waters with a DUI charge against you, your strategy must begin with finding a well-recommended DUI attorney with years of experience in the field. Discuss the details of your arrest with the attorney and walk the lawyer through all the events that led to your DUI charge. Do not leave out any details, even if they seem trivial or irrelevant, let your attorney know everything.

Sharing details about your case will help the attorney find discover evidence the police has against you. There are a number of different approaches to handling a DUI case. Here are some of the loopholes and strategies that could be helpful in getting you out of a DUI charge:

– A non-standard field sobriety test, such as the officer asking you to touch your nose with your finger or saying the alphabets backwards, will be deemed invalid in court.

– The lack of evidence and probable cause which led to the arrest.

– The police officer is unable to provide dispatch recordings.

– No dash cam evidence.

– It’s highly unlikely that driving under the influence on private roads, which are private property, will get you penalized because most drunk driving penalties are not applicable to private properties. If your lawyer is able to prove you were on a private road at the time of the penalty, then your DUI penalty can be revoked.

The repercussions of driving under the influence are many: Your license may be suspended for a limited time, and in some cases, it can be more than a year, or your vehicle may be confiscated by the police.

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