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Pros And Cons Of Buying Foreclosures


When a home is sold through a foreclosure auction, it means the owner could not keep pace with their monthly payments. After several missed payments, the lender can take possession of the home and sell it at auction. The purpose is to recover as much of the outstanding debt as possible on the home loan. Buying a foreclosed property for investment purposes means buying a home where the last owner did not pay mortgage payments, property taxes, or both.

If you are considering buying foreclosures for your next investment, the information in this blog post will be of interest. For help with buying foreclosures or other types of Illinois investment properties, our Illinois foreclosure attorneys can guide and advise you. Call today for a legal consultation at (630) 717-2783.

Pros Of Buying Foreclosures

There are several potential benefits of buying foreclosures as real estate investments. They are:

Lower Price

When the bank repossesses a home during a foreclosure, they are often motivated to sell it to reduce their losses. There may be an unpaid mortgage balance, outstanding property taxes, and other liens the lender had to pay off. Because the bank may want to recoup its losses quickly, you can purchase the asset at a lower price than similar homes in the community.

The price of the home also may be less than average because the property may not be in mint condition. Some foreclosed homes have not been kept up and may need substantial repairs. So, while you could get a lower price for the home, be prepared to spend money on repairs and renovation.

Investment Potential

Because the home is often cheaper, you can have a solid return on your investment. Foreclosure purchases are popular with house flippers who can purchase a home at a lower price and make the necessary repairs affordably. Then, they can sell it for a profit. But if you want to do this, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of the home’s condition, so make sure you pay for a complete home inspection before purchase.


Buying foreclosure can be a wise investment decision, but there are cons to consider. They are:

Timeframe Is Uncertain

Banks generally want to offload their foreclosed assets quickly, but the timeline to acquire a foreclosed can vary. Even if you are the only investor who makes an uncommon offer, the lender could have dozens of foreclosures. This means it could take weeks or months for the lender to sort through all of the information requests and offers. If you want to get the home quickly to turn a profit, you might need to wait longer than you prefer.

Home Condition

Foreclosed homes may not be in ideal condition. After all, if the owner could not afford the loan payments, they probably could not afford to keep the house in good repair. They also may not have had the time or energy to do the necessary upkeep and maintenance to keep the home in good condition.

Also, the home may have been vacant for months, so there could be even more run down. There also are the possibilities of squatters and vandalism. Ensure you understand the home’s condition and needed repairs before closing.

Investing In Real Estate? Our Illinois Foreclosure Attorneys Can Assist You

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