What You Should Do If Pulled Over For A DUI in Illinois

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 47% of car accidents in Illinois are caused by drunk drivers. That is no small number and one of the main reasons the state has strict DUI laws.

What to Do If You Are Pulled Over For A DUI in Illinois

Whether you are a party animal or like to imbibe once in a while, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do if you are pulled over for a DUI in Illinois:

Pull Over Safely

Calmly pull over to the side of the road as soon as you hear a police siren behind you and see those flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Make sure the area is free from traffic and do not get out of the car. Plus, do not drive erratically. It may make the police officers suspect that you are drunk. You may get another traffic violation as well.

Avoid Incriminating Statements

Besides offering your driver’s license, basic information, and registration, do not give any other information or statements when responding to questions. Tell the officer that you do not answer questions if asked about what you were doing or where you were going. This is important because you may incriminate yourself without realizing it.

While the officer will not be happy with this response and may try to threaten you into answering, hold your ground. If you are arrested because of your silence, the court will throw out your case.

Do Not Challenge the Police

You cannot be pulled over because the officer who saw you had a hunch that you were intoxicated. They have to see you do something illegal or out of the normal to prove their suspicions, such as erratic driving, driving with the headlights off, etc.

These issues will be discussed when your DUI lawyers in Warrenville work on your case, so do not challenge the officers. You may end up incriminating yourself.

Submit To A Breathalyzer Test As Per Your Judgment

In the state of Illinois, driving is considered to be a privilege rather than a right. This means you will get arrested if you fail a breathalyzer test (i.e., your blood alcohol content is 0.08 or more). As per the state’s consent law, all drivers have already been given the right to get tested under probable cause that they are driving under the influence. Besides breathalyzers, this also includes urine and blood tests.

If you refuse to get tested, your license will be suspended for a short period. However, if you refuse, you may be able to help your case. The prosecution will have to prove that you were intoxicated behind the wheel by providing irrefutable proof, often presented via breathalyzer results.

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