How Rising Interest Rates Are Impacting Mortgage Rates

Anyone interested in buying a home with a mortgage has probably heard about rising mortgage rates recently. Rates have been steadily climbing since 2022 and are almost double what they were a year ago. Whether mortgage rates go up or down, underlying interest rates set by the Federal Reserve always affect them somewhat.

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Why Do Mortgage Rates Go Up With Interest Rates?

When underlying interest rates rise, mortgages are more expensive than their rates. This makes buying a home more costly for most Americans. When homes cost more to purchase, this usually slows the housing market.

Experian explains that when the Federal Reserve raises rates, it alters its target for the federal funds rate. This is the rate that the board of the Fed advises banks to charge when they provide loans to other banks.

For the most part, banks put 3% on top of the federal funds rate when establishing the prime rate for customers. So, for example, the federal fund’s target rate was 1.75% in July 2022, and the prime rate was 4.75%.

If you have a fixed-rate mortgage already, the good news is the rising mortgage rates do not affect you. However, if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, the increasing rates could cost you more when the fixed period expires.

What Happened In 2022 To Mortgage Rates?

In 2022, the US Federal Reserve raised the federal fund’s interest rates several times due to rising inflation. Increasing interest rates make borrowing money for homes, cars, credit cards, and much more expensive. Increasing interest rates is the primary tool that the Fed has to slow the economy and tame inflation.

While paying a higher interest rate on a mortgage is not what most people want, slowing economic activity reduces inflation, and that keeps prices for everything else under control.

For 2023, many financial experts expect we will have peak mortgage rates in the 6-7% range. Some expect rates to level off at around 5% to 5.5% in 2023. However, we may not see 3% rates again for a long time.

How To Save On Your Mortgage

When rates are rising, everyone wants to save on monthly payments. How? First, put down 20%, so you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance. Then, if you think you will only be in the home for a few years, consider an adjustable-rate loan for three or five years with a lower rate.

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What Will Rising Interest Rates do to the Real Estate Market?

Rising real estate interest rates impact sellers and buyers in the market. Hypothetically, house prices and property value are directly proportional to mortgage rates. However, the phenomenon is far from clear-cut. An Illinois real estate attorney will tell you that the economy’s health ultimately determines what rises and what falls.

The Link between Economy Health and Interest Rates

Rising mortgage rates will not affect house prices and property value much if the economy improves fast. So if, say, mortgage rates increase by a single point and increase monthly payments, a strong economy will allow employers to increase salaries to compensate for the increase in interest rate.

A robust economy acts as a foundation for job and salary growth. In this case, rising interest rates should not harm the real estate market. However, it seems home buyers and investors can expect increased interest rates this year. Here are some of the things they can expect if or when that happens:

A Reduction in Buyer Demand

Buyers may pull back slightly if interest rates increase to the point that homes become less affordable. If that happens, you can expect fewer bidding wars for properties on the market. As such, interested buyers may not have to resort to risky strategies that they were forced to use last year when interest rates were at the lowest they had been since 1971. A whopping 72% of buyers found themselves in a brutal bidding war.

Refinancing May Slow Down

Last year, rates were low enough that buyers had no qualms getting loans for refinancing that ultimately amounted to $1.6 trillion. Lenders were swamped with refinancing jobs, and real estate owners across the country were able to reduce their monthly payments and long-term interest costs significantly.

However, if interest rates increase this year, refinancing will also slow down, even if the former increases by a small margin. The refinancing process comes with additional costs and stress. Even a slight increase in interest rates may discourage investors and homeowners from going through the hassle of refinancing. It will also hurt their savings.

Price Growth Will Slow Down

The pandemic had one huge benefit for real estate investors and buyers who wanted new space and a fresh new perspective to overcome their stress. It led to rock bottom interest rates and thus highly affordable home prices.

Those trends have long passed, so property prices are expected to grow in 2022. Experts believe those may remain 2 to 6 percent most of the year and manageable.

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