4 Ways A DUI Can Ruin Your Life

The state of Illinois arrested 21,735 drivers for suspected drunk driving in 2021, and the crime resulted in 330 fatalities that year. DUI is dangerous, and getting charged with this crime can cause you severe problems in many areas of life. However, with the help of skilled Naperville DUI lawyers at Covert Marrero Covert LLP, it is possible to have a positive outcome on your case. Learn more below about DUI consequences to your life, then speak to one of our attorneys for legal advice.

What Are Penalties In Illinois For A First-Time DUI Conviction?

The first way a DUI can ruin your life is by saddling you with a criminal record and the resulting penalties. A first-time DUI in Illinois is a Class A misdemeanor, and your driver’s license will be suspended for at least one year. You could receive up to a year in jail.

If your blood alcohol level (BAC) was more than .16%, you also must pay a minimum fine of $500 and complete 100 hours of community service. If a child under 16 was in the car you will pay at least a $1,000 fine and get up to six months in jail.

The criminal penalties for a DUI conviction are merely the start of your problems. If you are convicted, you face the following collateral consequences to your life:

Employment And Education Difficulties

Many people charged with DUI have difficulty finding or keeping a job. If convicted, you are even more likely to face employment problems. When an employer runs a background check, it is likely an arrest or conviction will appear on your record. Also, having your driver’s license suspended can impede your ability to get to work and may prevent you from working in driving-related occupations. If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you risk losing it if you have a DUI conviction.

Next, your ability to get an education can be affected by a DUI charge or conviction. Certain educational institutions want you to have a clean record of attending their programs. If you are already enrolled, the school could suspend or expel you for a criminal charge.

Auto Insurance Premium Increases

If you are convicted, your auto insurance rates are sure to rise, and often by a significant amount. If your auto insurance is canceled, finding a replacement policy could be challenging.

Damaged Personal And Professional Relationships

People with DUI convictions are looked upon dimly in American society. Many people in your personal and professional circle may not want to associate as closely with you after a DUI conviction. Fortunately, with the help of a skilled DUI attorney, it is possible to fight a drunk driving charge and potentially beat it.

Charged With Drunk Driving? Contact Our Naperville DUI Lawyers Now

Few things can derail your life faster than a DUI conviction. Before you know it, you could be put behind bars, fined, and have your driver’s license suspended for drinking and driving. That’s why you need to enlist the Naperville DUI lawyers at Covert Marrero Covert LLP by dialing (630) 717-2783 now. Even a first offense is not something to take lightly, and our attorneys will strive to get your charge reduced or even dismissed.

Do DUI Arrests Increase in Illinois During the Summer?

Summer accounts for 28% of driving fatalities in Illinois and the US, making it the deadliest season. The Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and other summer holidays are considered the deadliest for DUI-related car accidents.

If you are charged, you can face hefty fines and jail time. The charge can also compromise your job prospects, harming your home life. Defense Illinois DUI lawyers can help you avoid such situations or reduce the charges.

How to Avoid A DUI During Summer?

Whether you are partying with friends or celebrating a national holiday, if alcohol is flowing freely, your chances of getting a DUI will increase exponentially. You can avoid punishing charges by following the following tips:

Have a Designated Driver

Before heading out to the festivities, ensure you have a designated driver. This individual should stay sober for the whole day so they can take you back home safely. Make sure this is a person you can trust not to drink.

Call an Uber or use Public Transportation

If you cannot get a designated driver, use rideshare options such as Lyft or Uber. You can also consider public transportation such as trains or buses. If you are caught drunk behind the wheel, and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 or higher, you will be charged with a DUI. Better yet, hand your keys to someone else and tell them not to return them to you unless you are sober.

Obey Traffic Rules

If you have no choice but to drive home yourself and those drinks start to kick in, pull off the road safely and as quickly as possible. If you are not inebriated and have had a couple of drinks, obey traffic rules, so you are not pulled over.

This includes ensuring you remain within the speed limit and don’t look at your phone even if it starts ringing. Your hands should also be on the steering wheel at all times. You will be charged with a DUI if you are pulled over, and the officer smells alcohol on your breath.

Eat Something Before You Get Behind the Wheel

If you are drunk, ensure you eat something before you get behind the wheel. The food will slow down the effects of the alcohol on your senses. If your stomach is empty when you drink, your body will absorb the alcohol you consumed much faster. So make sure you eat some pretzels before getting in your vehicle or spread out your drinks, so your BAC doesn’t reach 0.08.

Contact Illinois DUI Lawyers If You Face Charges

DUI arrests can lead to severe punishments, from license revocation to extensive fines and jail time. The charge cannot be removed from your permanent record, which will impact your future. If you are charged with a DUI in Illinois, contact our Warrenville DUI defense attorney specializing in such cases. They can help you understand your options and find an appropriate way to fight back and preserve your future interests.

At Covert Marrero Covert LLP, we understand that most people who get arrested for drunk driving are unaware of how to proceed with a DUI defense. We have defended people charged with this offense for years and can help you understand your options. The last thing you need on your permanent record is a criminal charge that will follow you for the rest of your life. Contact us for a consultation today.

5 Facts You Need to Know About DUI Charges in Illinois

Before hiring a DUI lawyer in Illinois, you should appraise yourself of the information surrounding DUI charges in Illinois. This includes the following:

1. Penalties Differ As Per Frequency

The amount for DUI charges in Illinois depends on the number of times you are being charged. For example, a first-time offense can lead to a year in prison and a fine amounting to $2500. A second offense could result in a conviction and a revocation of your driver’s license. In addition there are stiffer penalties such as 5 days in jail or 240 community service hours.”

If you are caught driving under the influence for a third or fourth time within five years of the previous violation, you will be charged with aggravated driving which is a class 2 felony. It holds a max seven-year prison sentence and up to $25,000 in fines.

2. You Need To Install A Breathalyzer In Your Car

If you are charged with a DUI and your hearing hasn’t been held yet or you lost the case, you need to place a breathalyzer in your car. You have to blow into it to start your vehicle and it can also alert you into blowing again while you are driving.

3. You Can Still Drive Post DUI But With Limitations

If you have a valid driver’s license, you can still drive for 46 days after you are arrested for a DUI in Illinois. At the stroke of midnight on that date, your license will be suspended. The officer may have taken your license when he/she charged you so you should have a thin piece of paper in its place called a Notice of Statutory Suspension which you can use to drive legally till time’s up.

4. Driving Under The Influence Of Medical Marijuana is Illegal

Medical marijuana is legal in Illinois. However, you need to be registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health and possess authorization from a licensed physician. Your license should also mention this info. However, it is illegal to operate a vehicle if you have taken illegal drugs or are under the influence of medical marijuana.

You also cannot transport any illegal substance in your vehicle whether you are under its influence or not. In fact, if you fail a field sobriety test even though you have a medical marijuana card, you will still be charged with a DUI.

5. A DUI Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Charges

If you think nothing can be done to absolve you of the DUI charges in Illinois, think again. If you want to ensure your license is not suspended on the 46th day, get in touch with a DUI lawyer in Illinois such as from the law office of Covert Marrero Covert. We can file a petition to fight the license suspension to get it taken off.

That is the only option you have at your disposal to ensure your license remains workable beyond that time limit. What are you going to do for transportation after that otherwise?

Get in touch with us for a consultation today before it is too late.

3 Ways to Drink Responsibly and Avoid a DUI

It can happen to anyone. You go out to have fun, lose track of the drinks you consumed, and before you know it, it’s time to head home. If you don’t do the responsible thing and call an Uber or ask a friend to drop you at your place, you will face a hefty DUI charge if you get behind the wheel. Illinois law is strict with offenders and merciless with repeat offenders.

The trick is not to get so drunk that you become a hazard on the road. Here are some tips on responsible drinking that can prevent that from happening:

Don’t Drink When You Are Hungry

When we drink on an empty stomach, our body absorbs more alcohol than it processes and passes out. So, if you imbibe when you are hungry or to slake your thirst with a beer, the drink will go directly into your bloodstream and make you drunk fast.

Prevent this from happening by eating a big meal before you head to the bar. Stick to fats, proteins and dense carbohydrates, such as yogurt, meat or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The food will slow the effects of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Pace Yourself

Our body can metabolize one drink an hour, depending on the type of drink we consume. It can process 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer or a shot of liquor during that time only. However, big boned individuals, particularly men, can process a bit more than thinner men and most women can metabolize less than that.

On the other hand, diet, tolerance and other factors can also contribute to this so determining how much we shouldn’t drink. A good rule of thumb is to ensure you don’t have more than one alcoholic drink per hour. Plus, drink at least a pint of water after each one. This will allow your body to process the drink faster and flush it from your system so you won’t get drunk immediately.

Find a Designated Driver

If you cannot hold your drink or find yourself tipsy during a stag or hen party, do the responsible thing and find a designated driver. If you assign one from your party before you all start drinking, that would be a better idea. You can enjoy yourself more and ensure you don’t become a hazard on the road.

Just make sure that the designated driver doesn’t drink excessively and remain sober. Your entire group will be in jeopardy then and/or the driver could face a hefty fine, have their license revoked or worse, face a jail sentence.

At Covert Marrero Covert, LLP, we can make sure you get a reduced penalty in a DUI case and secure you a permit that can allow you to drive under special circumstances. Get in touch with us in Warrenville, Naperville or Schaumburg, IL, today.